3rd Recon Association

The resupply chopper came in. We are Closed.

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3rd Recon Association PX
Is a Not For Profit Business

The 3rd Recon Association PX is run by volunteer members. Besides the shipping and handling charges, all profits from the sale of items goes directly to the 3rd Recon Association - a nonprofit wartime veterans organization.

This is your PX

Call Al Mizia @ 412 722-8749
if you need help with your order

To order PX items send the info to:
Al Mizia
23 Burrell Dr.
Carnegie, PA 15106

Be Sure to copy the code number and letter of the items they want and quantity, along with there shipping address, phone number and email address.

3rd Recon Association P.X.

       The rules are simple; this is your P.X., treat it right.  Any and all suggestions will be looked at.
The BOARD MEMBERS have the final say in what is put into the P.X.  Every item has been accounted for and a spreadsheet inventory has been put into use, anybody can get a copy of the accounting by asking for it in writing.
This is how it will work, there will be and order form on this site you can copy, it will be self-explanatory.  You will either email the filled out form to my email address, or send it by the (American Stage Coach) USPS, I will then send or email to you with cost of the order and shipping cost. If you do not have an email service, I will call on the phone and let you know this info.  You will then send a check or money order in the name of 3rd Recon Association to John (Doc) Winters, our Treasurer.  Please mark the check in the lower left as a P.X. order; he will advise me when he receives the check or money order.  Then I will ship your order to you with a copy of the order marked paid. 

I know this is a slow way of doing business but it is the best way to keep all things above board and secure.  I WILL NOT HANDLE ANY PAYMENT FOR ITEMS ORDERED (refer to second paragraph above), a monthly report sent to all board members via email.

Al Mizia
3rd Recon Association
P.X. Manager