Almost A Hero
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by James J. Dalton, II
with P. J. Renfroe
cost: $20.00 plus shipping

This is an action adventure about a very driven Viet Nam Veteran, who after completing duty in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot and forward air controller comes home. After a long search he goes to law school at night and sinks his teeth into his practice. A large local law firm and a corrupt district attorney seek to destroy him. His former friends and his training create a volatile combination.

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Inside Force Recon
by Michael Lee Lanning & Ray William Stubbe
cost: $7.00 plus shipping

Operating on four-to-eight-man teams, the heroic patrols of Force Recon ventured far into the very backyard of the enemy, using tacics associated more with their adversaries than with the U.S. military. They were the eyes and ears of the units they served, and their operations were marked by close combat, extraordinary bravery, and nearly unbelievable survival despite overwhelming odds.

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by Lt. Col. Alex Lee, USMC (Ret.) (3rd Force 69-70)
cost: $7.00 plus shipping

Lee leaves no controversy untouched and no awe-inspiring tale untold in this gripping account of 3rd Force Recon's self-sacrifice and heroic achievement in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Cleared Hot
by Col. Bob Stoffey
cost: $9.00 plus shipping

Many pilots never made it out of 'Nam. This one did. Highly decorated Col. Bob Stoffey-- a Marine Corps pilot for over twenty-five years, who served multiple tours in Vietnam-- has seen and done it all. Cleared Hot! is his story-- a fast-paced, high-casualty flight into heart-stopping danger.

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Green Ghosts

by Lt. Col. W. C. Floyd USMC (Ret) (3rd Force 67)
cost: $30.00 plus shipping

If I had it to do over
Had to face it once again
I wouldn't change a moment
I would do it with these men. In this company of heroes
I'd face another war
Print another page in history
For our Country and our Corps.

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Red Plateau
by John Edmund Delezen (3rd Force 67-68)
cost: $12.00 plus shipping

Red Plateau is a personal account of a fateful meeting of old adversaries who would become friends. They once stood on opposite sides, only now realizing they were fighting for the same universal ideals and against the same universal enemy. Red Plateau fulfills Delezens promise to his friend to tell the story of his life and in the telling, Delezen discovers something about himself too.