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Alpha Co Website by George Neville
 Bravo 3rd Recon Website by Dave Doehrman

Bravo pages by Jonathan Rocha

Charlie Company's 3 Charlie 1

Dirty Delta's House by Steve Shircliff

Other Related Sites

3rd Marine Division Association

1st Recon Battalion Association

USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association

1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment (1/9)

2nd Battalion 9th Marine Regiment (2/9)

3rd Battalion 9th Marine Regiment (3/9)

1st Battalion 4th Marine Regiment (1/4)

2nd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment (2/4)

3rd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment (3/4)

1st Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment (1/3)

2nd Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment (2/3)

3rd Battalion 12th Marine Regiment (3/12)

Helicopter Marine Medium Squadron 262 (HMM-262)

Helicopter Marine Medium Squadron (HMM-364)

Helicopter Marine Light Squadron (HML-367)

Veterans of Khe Sanh

3rd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment (3/1)

Navy Corpsman

Corpsmen War Memorial

Vietman War Resources

USMC - Ribbon Checker

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