3rd Recon Association


Celer - Silens - Mortalis

"Swift - Silent - Deadly"

Dedicated to the Marines and Navy Corpsmen of the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion,
3rd Marine Division, FMF PAC * United States Marine Corps

  "A Brotherhood Forged In Combat"

 * Chu Lai * Da Nang * Phu Bai * Quang Tri * Dong Ha * Khe Sanh * Cam Lo *  Helicopter Valley * Co Bi Thran Tan * FSB Argonne *
Leatherneck Square *  The Hill Fights- 881N/881S * The Razorback * The Rockpile * Hue * Charlie Ridge * Mutters Ridge *
* A Shau Valley * The Backyard * OP Ba Na * Antenna Valley * Con Thien * Camp Reasoner * Camp Carroll * The Arizona * The DMZ *

Saepe Expertus - Semper Fidelis - Fratres Aeterni

"Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever"



The 3rd Recon Association is a non-profit veteran's organization dedicated to the Marines and Navy Corpsmen who served in the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in combat. This Website is the Association's attempt to honor the Marines and Corpsmen of the battalion and to provide historical information on the involvement of the battalion’s members during those years. We also hope this website will enable members and supporters of the Association to register and research the locations of friends and teammates with whom they served. While every effort has been made to maintain complete, updated and accurate information, the site is not an official source for information about the Vietnam conflict or the United States Marine Corps.

All links to this Website must meet the basic criteria as stated above and be approved by the 3rd Recon Association before any links can be attached. As a non-profit organization, we insist that no links be established for individual commercial purposes and profit.

Sign over the entrance to the Camp Reasoner Mess Hall 1966 Danang

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