3rd Recon Association Reunion Tucson, Arizona


October 5, 2021------October 10, 2021



Association Harbor Site: Desert Diamond Casino and Hotel (Information on why the change).

7350 S. Nogales Hwy.

Tucson, Az 85756

877 777-4212 or 520 342-3012 (3rd Recon Assoc)


Doubletree Suites

7051 South Tucson Airport Blvd.

Tucson, Arizona, 85756

520-225-0813 or 520-225-0800 (3rd Recon Assoc.)




Please book your hotel rooms by: SEPTEMBER 13, 2021



TENTATIVE-- Reunion Events and Times:


Tuesday 10/05/21

10:00 am Registration All Day Hotel Lobby

5:00 pm 12 am Hospitality Room Tun Tavern

7:00 pm Executive Committee Meeting (Company Presidents)

Wednesday 10/06/21

9 am Noon Registration

10:00 am Opening Ceremonies; ALL WELCOME

Association & Company Meetings: LADIES DEPART

11:00 am Ladies Auxiliary Meeting

12:30 pm Luncheon

1:00 pm Ladies Luncheon

1:30 pm Association meeting - Company meetings

5:00 pm 12 am Hospitality Room Tun Tavern


Thursday 10/07/21

10:30 am Memorial Service Luncheon to follow

5:00 pm 12 am Hospitality Room Tun Tavern (Memorial toast @2100)


Friday 10/08/21

Daytime FREE TIME-- Individual Company get-togethers

5:00 pm 12 am Hospitality Room Tun Tavern

Saturday 10/09/21


3:30 pm- 5:00 pm Individual & Company Pictures

6:00 pm 3rd Recon Banquet

After Dinner Hospitality Room Tun Tavern


Sunday 10/10/21 Checkout & Farewell


*Note: The hospitality room will be an open bar with snacks for those registered with the reunion committee. Open every day, see posted hours. Tun Tavern will be stocked with liquor, beer, water, soda, and juice.


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